Water Baptism

If a person desires to do the will of God, he or she should observe them in obedience and have a good conscience.

Jesus Himself was baptized (Matthew 3:13-17), and in our example. At Calvary, he identified with the sinner. In baptism (emerging in water), the believer identifies with Jesus in His death, burial, and coming up out of the water with His resurrection. This is an act of obedience and visible testimony of the invisible transformation that has taken place in the heart.

The thief on the cross was saved without being baptized. Not realizing it, he complied with the requirements of Salvation. He confessed before Jesus (with his mouth) that he was a sinner, acknowledged Him as Lord, and although he saw Him dying, he believed Jesus would live again and have a Kingdom Luke 23:43. This proves that salvation is when true repentance and faith are demonstrated. It is not received through baptism nor the reward for good works.


Father, I thank You for allowing me to identify with the death and burial, and resurrection of your son Jesus Christ AMEN.

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