What is self–righteousness when we feel that we have some benefit or advantage over someone else because we do or refrain from doing something self-righteous? No one can control another person’s attitudes or actions. Self-righteousness is the number one cause of failure in a Christian’s life.

Do you give to charitable endeavors because it may somehow make you a better person?

When your words or actions hurt someone, do you try to explain why you did or said that instead of confessing and asking forgiveness?

When we look at someone and feel somehow superior or better because we keep some part of the law that we think they are breaking, that is self-righteousness.

A self-righteous religious person is self-justified. Their salvation is really dependent upon their works.

A self-righteous person will always have people they can look down upon.

The other antidote for pride and self-righteousness is the understanding that God truly loves all mankind and has accepted them through the work of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ said He would draw all mankind unto Himself. (John 12:32) The same “all” that died in Adam will be made alive in Christ. All died, all will be made alive “in” Christ. (1 Corinthians 15:22-28)


Father, I have been self-righteous, and I ask You to forgive me for hurting people with my selfish attitude and for driving folks away. I have come to realize it’s me that has the problem. Help me to understand that it’s your righteousness and not mine. Allow me to know my faults, and don’t take Your Holy Spirit away from me; in Jesus’ Name AMEN.

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