The Bible often expresses the things of God in human form or with human feelings in order to accommodate our limited understanding.

We experience many losses when someone close to us passes away. When this happens, we go through intense emotional suffering of deep sadness which seems like paralysis – things moving in slow motion or time stops altogether.

In the church, we often think it is wrong if someone has his own grief. However, sadness and the emotional release of crying is a God-given response to something sorrowful that has happened. Jesus came to the grave of His friend Lazarus, knowing that He was going to pray for his resurrection, yet, “Jesus wept” (John 11:35)

To someone coping with a recent loss, that joy might seem awfully distant. But, with God as our companion and counselor, we will survive the journey.

Weeping is often the most common sign of grief. Christ is willing to bear your grief because he said give me all the things that you care about. Start talking to God like this:


Father, I cast my care upon you, for you careth for me. I ask for your loving arms to wrap around my heart to take away the pain. Allow me to feel your loving presence in the name of Jesus Christ my  Saviour Amen.

Helpful Scriptures: