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The church mission is to lead the Joshua crew in the rivers of living water to the manifest promise of the word.

Letting your life manifest the authority and power of the Blood of Jesus that the glory in us is greater than the darkness around us.

Also, to be an example for sons and daughters to walk in the revelation promises of God’s Word and the power of His Spirit – to live faithfully for Christ’s anticipation of His glorious return.


Reach out to those who don’t know Him in our community and worldwide.

Support the Bridge of Hope Ministries to bring hope to the poor worldwide by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and providing life-sustaining relief. Bridge of Hope has provided food and supplies to ease the suffering of those in the Horn of Africa, liberated children caught in the web of Human trafficking in Haiti, set free thousands of enslaved Sudanese Christians, and provided food and assistance to those who have been ravaged by floods and tornadoes right here in America.


Value worship leads us into transforming encounters with God.


Serve our local community through outreach programs to meet individual and social needs with Christian

love answers God’s call to “The Love Christ;”


Encouraging Pastors and leaders to expect miracles in their ministries to the Glory of Jesus Christ that the Father may be glorified.

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