Sowing in the Natural


Many people are not wise enough to sow in the realm of the Spirit. We have found that even people who are good Sowers in the natural are not so good spiritually. Sowing in the natural is not the way. It was (and is) meant for a Christian to become spiritually minded.

If a man sows to his flesh, he will of the flesh reap corruption. We just read that. Notice again that he was sowing to “his” flesh. That’s the biggest reason it brings corruption. It isn’t right to sow to yourself.

Notice also that we are to sow to the Spirit. If we sow to the Spirit and in the realm of the Spirit (in other words, do it spiritually), we will reap Life. This works in every area of Life.

The corruption of the flesh is that it will fade, rust, and eventually pass away. The beauty of the spiritual is that it is eternal. Of course, sowing to the Holy Spirit brings indescribable returns.

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God-Glorifying, and Worthy

Once we win the victory, we need to know what the Bible says, to maintain victorious Christian living and abide in Christ continually.

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There is no impatience in God.

Some people don’t pray long enough, believe long enough, trust long enough, hold on long enough, or wait long enough and lose instead of winning.

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  1. The watch of intercession and restoration (6 PM -9 PM)
      • Prayer for your family
      • The watch of restoration
      • Healing


  1. The Watch of Revelation and Spiritual Knowledge (9 PM- 12 AM)
      • Biblical Knowledge


  1. The Watch of Warfare and Deliverance (12 AM -3 AM)
      • War against witchcraft
      • Odors on your body when people
  1. The Watch of Securing Mercy (3 AM – 6 AM)
      • Secure the Mercy of the Lord
      • Mercy prevents terrible things from happening

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The Lord will Hold you

Whoever you may find yourself, the Lord will hold you and guide you by his strong hand.

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It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh provides no benefit; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit, and are life.

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Your words come from your heart.


Whatever is in a person’s heart or thought, life will come from their words. No wonder God says He will call every person to account for every “idle word” spoken.

When the Spirit of Christ is in us, God gives us His thought life through His Word. Reading God’s Word is not a contest for time or length. It is taking in the very life of God through His Word. God gives us the “mind of Christ” in and through the Word of God.

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Happy Father’s Day 2023


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