1. The watch of intercession and restoration (6 PM -9 PM)
      • Prayer for your family
      • The watch of restoration
      • Healing


  1. The Watch of Revelation and Spiritual Knowledge (9 PM- 12 AM)
      • Biblical Knowledge


  1. The Watch of Warfare and Deliverance (12 AM -3 AM)
      • War against witchcraft
      • Odors on your body when people
  1. The Watch of Securing Mercy (3 AM – 6 AM)
      • Secure the Mercy of the Lord
      • Mercy prevents terrible things from happening

  1. The Watch of Spiritual Empowerment and Gifts (6 AM – 9 AM)
      • Spiritual Empowerment and Spiritual Gift
      • Prophesy, heal the sick
      • The Angle distributes gift


    6. The Watch of Favor, Destiny Helpers, and dealing with the flesh (9 AM -12 PM)

      • Demand the heaven come down and visit, your destiny to help you
      • Engage the Angle of favor on your behalf
      • If you have an interview or meeting during this time


  1. The watch of preservation and Visitation (12 PM – 3 PM)
      • The realm of darkness sweeps the earth of accident, frustration
      • Engage the angler of preservation


  1. The Watch of Sacrifice (3 PM -6 PM)
      • This is the time to dedicate yourself to the Lord
      • Anything that is hindering you from walks with God
      • Anything is causing you not to come to church
      • Anything that is causing you not to read the bible
      • Any hindrance





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