God loves a cheerful Giver

God honors those who honor Him.5 The greatest way to honor Him is to have faith in Him. Give to God as an act of faith. It is God-honoring. Tithing, like baptism, witnessing, or other acts that honor God, is external evidence of an internal work. Internally, we have given ourselves over to God. Externally, we die to ourselves and give to Him materially, with our dedication, and with our time and energy, telling others of His Good News. God loves a cheerful giver.



It is always your relationship between you and God that will determine your relationship between you, your family, and others.



Christ hath redeemed us from the Curse of the Law, being made a curse for us. …That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ.


Accept Responsibility


We must be willing to accept responsibility for failure before we are able to accept responsibility for success. By taking responsibility for loss, we open ourselves to be tested again, purifying us from the previous failure. We accept responsibility for failure which enables us to accept responsibility for success. Often men don’t want to be put to the test again. But it is only by doing it again that they can become purified from a previous failure.

Many fine church people refuse to leave their pews to start a bus ministry or go street witnessing, minister in a nursing home, or teach a Sunday school class because they don’t want the responsibility for having their activities fail. It’s the same with those who won’t pursue an education, a job, the role of parenthood, and just about any true accomplishment in life.


Confessing Christ is Essential to Commitment to Christ

The Bible says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. We are what we believe and we are committed to what we confess. When we confess what we believe, we are committed to our beliefs. If we don’t confess it, we don’t have to admit believing it. If we don’t admit to believing it, we can change our beliefs.

Jesus was misunderstood and mocked because of His identification with God. He was condemned for claiming to be Who He really was. Often, we can be misunderstood, criticized, and condemned for confessing that we are children of the Living God, that we are joint heirs with Jesus Christ, and that we are a brother or sister to Jesus and part of the family of God. Such accusations stem from Satan, the “accuser of our brethren, “to keep us from confessing who we really are in Christ.

Satan wants to confuse that relationship and leave us unprotected, insecure, and low in our self-image. By doing so, he perverts the Gospel. He can keep the Good News from spreading if he can cause us to bottle up our confession and the witness of our lives. Confession is essential to identification. Confession is essential to commitment. Confession is essential to relationship.


Make a God Discission

When you are undecided, you are easily swayed. But when you make a decision-that the crisis will not last, that Satan will not steal your joy, that your family will not be robbed of God’s blessing-and you stand committed to that decision, there is no force in hell that can prevail against you.


God Provides the Remedy

In times of transition and crisis, when a husband and wife are in disagreement about what to do, strife always complicates and confuses matters. When there is strife in the home, children react negatively because they are susceptible to the spirit of their parents. Their negative attitudes make the situation even worse. Once a family is in disagreement, and the peace is broken in the home, God provides the remedy through Himself and His Word. If the family will come into agreement with God and His Word about their situation, there can be a powerful breakthrough in the lives of all concerned.


Bookkeeper of Unforgiveness

We must not become an emotional bookkeepers, keeping detailed accounts of the wrongs we have suffered. Instead, we must learn to forgive and forget. It will open a whole new world of blessings for our lives.


Happy Birthday Elder Fusi Fuauli Jr.

Happy Birthday, Elder Fusi Fuauli Jr.  We Love you.



God will Work With You

God will only work with what we give Him. Give Him all the hurts, rejection, failure, and humiliation so that He can turn them around.

Take your emotions, ambitions, thoughts, and dreams to Him in prayer today, submit them to Him, and He will begin to work them together for your good.