The Spiritual Warfare Takes Place in the Heavenly

The effects of that warfare are seen upon the earth and in people’s lives; Ask the Lord for specific revelation and discernment concerning the leaders you are praying for and for the areas in which they are ministering. In praying for those who work among Muslims or in a place where cults are prevalent, you will be combating an antichrist spirit. Whereoccult activity is intense; you also deal with spirits of deception, control, and seduction 1 John 2:18. In an area where there are many churches but many conflicts among the leaders and members, the Holy Spirit may reveal to you that the problem is an areligious spirit ruling over that area, along with spirits of strife, contention, and self-righteousness. Discerning the spirits responsible for a given situation if indeed evil spirits are responsible will make your intercession more specific and more effective. It’s vital to discern patterns or cycles in attacks from the enemy. For some period of time, there have been strong attacks against marriage among spiritual leaders. One particular denominational group has lost a large number of missionaries to cancer. Then there was a rash of serious accidents causing death or severe injury to ministers and missionaries or their family members. The intercessors should serve as “watchmen on the wall” Isa. 62:6,7 to help ward off these attacks through spiritual warfare and lend their support by praying for those on the front lines of ministry.

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