Sowing Part 1 of 2

There are different spheres of Life to sow from and into. You can sow a crop with your money, and you can reap financial as well as Heavenly rewards. You can sow from the words of your mouth and reap all kinds of things good and bad- according to what you are saying. Every other realm is affected by this sowing of words. You can sow with your possessions and reap a reward like that. You can sow your time in servanthood and have it redeemed tremendously and have great Heavenly rewards.

Sowing means that you are giving or planting something that is yours into someone else. Many people sow generously, but they do it after the world’s way and not after God’s. It won’t work! You must sow spiritually and as unto God, no matter what you are sowing and no matter where you are sowing it.

Where you sow is also very important (meaning to whom and what place). Is it of the flesh, or is it of the Lord-the place? The Bible tells us that even our tithe is to be adequately sown.



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