Prosperity is the Natural, Sequentially-Ordered Result of Righteousness in Life.


God’s conversion process occurs at the cross of Jesus Christ, God’s Word Incarnate. The cross gives us our victories. Jesus’ death was the greatest triumph for humanity. Initially, we were created as Adam’s children in our flesh. But at the cross, we were recreated by supernatural conversion into God’s family as His children.

As new creations, we have recourse to all the resources of Heaven made available to us for the totality of our living. We are encouraged by God to go both day and night to use the help of Heaven for whatever our needs may be. The total resources of Heaven are invested in Calvary, so if we need resources from Heaven at any time, we get them through the cross.

Some people feel asking God for something in prayer impairs God. They act as if asking for His grace, strength, knowledge, wisdom, and ability will put Him out and decrease a limited supply. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our natural bodies are subject to the dimensions of time and space. We are compressed, compacted, pressed down, and put upon, by these dimensions. We never have enough time. We never have enough space. We live in a world of frustration, inability, and lack. But Jesus is not subject to time or space. As God in the flesh, He took on our finiteness, and when He died and rose from the grave, He gave us the limitlessness of His resurrection life.

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