Hearing from God

One test to determine whether you are hearing the Holy Spirit is to ask: Is the voice gently leading, or is it commanding and harsh? God’s voice gently guides and encourages, giving hope (Ps. 18:35; Isa. 40:11; Jas. 3:17). God leads; Satan drives (John 10:4,10). God convicts; Satan condemns and brings guilt (John 16:8-11; Rev. 12:10). God woos; Satan tugs hard. When God speaks. He does not use fear to motivate. If fear overcomes you, it is the enemy speaking, not God 2 Tim. 1:7). Proverbs 4:20,21 says, “My Son [or daughter], give attention to my words; incline your ear to my sayings. Do not let them depart from your sight; keep them in the midst of your heart.”

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