God is Able to Cause You to Have all Sufficiency in All Things Part 4 of 5

  • God is Able to Cause You to Have all Sufficiency in All Things Part 4 of 5

We will abound in every good work because God Himself is fertilizing the crops. He is assuring a harvest by giving us both His grace in this area and also performing the doing of His Word.

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Happy Birthday Jasmine Well

Happy Birthday, Jasmine Wells. We Love you.

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Our Children

The Lord will teach your children and surround them with His peace.

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There is no impatience in God.

Some people don’t pray long enough, believe long enough, trust long enough, hold on long enough, or wait long enough and lose instead of winning.

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Happy Birthday Orlando Webster

Happy Birthday, Orlando Webster

We Love you

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Happy Birthday Joshua Wells

Happy Birthday Joshua Wells

We Love you

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The Seed

People with the seeds from their experiences and beliefs in their spirits are.

How we leave childhood determines how we enter adolescence.

How we live single life determines how we enter marriage.

How we leave school determines how we enter the workforce.

How we leave a broken relationship determines how we enter the next relationship.

How we leave our place of devotion determines how we enter our ministry location.

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Jesus Humbled Himself

Jesus left the glory of the Father to enter earth in a most humble way where He made Himself of no reputation and was formed in fashion as a man. When He left Earth to enter Heaven, He again humbled Himself. He became obedient to the cross so He could again receive the glory He had with the Father from before the foundation of the earth.

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God loves a cheerful Giver

God honors those who honor Him.5 The greatest way to honor Him is to have faith in Him. Give to God as an act of faith. It is God-honoring. Tithing, like baptism, witnessing, or other acts that honor God, is external evidence of an internal work. Internally, we have given ourselves over to God. Externally, we die to ourselves and give to Him materially, with our dedication, and with our time and energy, telling others of His Good News. God loves a cheerful giver.

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Happy Birthday Ralf Wells

Happy Birthday Ralf Wells We Love you

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