You are not Alone

Don’t stop communicating, either with people or with God. Don’t cut yourself off by isolating yourself. Loneliness and isolation will only pervert you’re thinking. Keep your balance by continuing to interact normally while undergoing a crisis.

Many people find that when they talk to the Lord in the midst of a crisis, they are so tense, they find it difficult to hear from Him. Others have simply never learned to hear from God at all, and stress only makes it worse. If you need to talk, go to your pastor or a godly counselor who is trustworthy and full of the truth of God’s Word. If you don’t screen those you speak with, and you tell them everything that’s in your heart, your “comforters,” like those of Job, may seem sympathetic, but often their advice will be based on their own personal perspective or prejudice, not God’s truth.

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