God’s Pattern for Success

Our problem is that we take the pattern someone else wears or follows and imprint it on ourselves, trying to make it work for us as it did for them. We want to copy them. We want to emulate them. But when we fail the way they did, we wonder why. Of course, we will have similarities with others, but still, our patterns will be uniquely our own.

You can find God’s basic patterns while listening to a teacher in a crowd. But you will discover God’s individual design for your life when you are all alone with Him.

God’s pattern for success for you is where you meet Him individually, and God reveals His will and design to you personally.

No matter what may have happened to you in the past, the ultimate goal for your life is not crisis, trouble, or disaster. Instead, the top destination for your life is a success, holiness, righteousness, and conformity to the image of Jesus Christ.

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