God is Calling

When God is silent, keep waiting in faith and do not allow the enemy to cause you to succumb to unbelief Focus on God’s faithfulness and other positive attributes while you are waiting. God’s people needn’t think that listening to Him is something difficult or only for the very “spiritual” or “mature.” Even in the early months of infancy, a child learns to recognize the voice of the one who cares for it. The more time you spend with the Lord in total trust, just like a child, the more clearly you will recognize His voice. The ability to communicate increases with maturity. You need to make time to listen to the King of kings, concentrating on what He is saying. Jesus gave you His word that His sheep will hear His voice. You are one of His sheep, and as long as you are part of the fold, you WILL hear His voice: He who is of God hears the words of God.

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