Keep up the excellent work.
Greetings in Jesus’ name. I am thrilled to see your website. I feel blessed to know about your ministry. I pray that God will use you more powerfully for His Glory in the coming days. God Bless you, and Keep up the good work. Yours in Christ  – Pastor John Israel Manukonda (Chennai, India )
LFCM is planting seeds of faith in the world
Thanks for planting seeds of faith in the hearts of people in this world  – Mugisha Gilbert (Kenya)
Thank You for the Word Of God
I want to thank you. I don’t know if you remember me, but I met you in Waikele borders, where you talked to me and prayed for me in 2009 for 3 hours. You asked me two questions if I want to work for God and want to become a pastor. Well, your prayers, the prophecy came true. God allowed me to become a pastor on valentines Day weekend last month. When I testify about my life, you played a huge part, and I talk about the incident a lot. So thank you, and please keep on going with the Lord. Your life is fantastic. – Gavin Tokuda (Honolulu, HI)
Thank Pastor Charles and Mrs. Webster for being obedient servants of God.
I used to love listening to rap music and live in unforgiveness. I walked into their church one day and just felt God’s power hit me, and I listened to God’s word. I repented, got set free, baptized, and filled with the Holy Ghost. I thank God for what He is doing and going to do through their ministry. Hallelujah! – Richard (Honolulu, HI)
First of all, I would like to thank Living for Christ Ministries for your continual support. About three years ago started praying for 3 of my co-workers. I ask Living for Christ Ministries to pray in agreement with me for their Salvation. Yesterday one of them Accepted Jesus Christ as his Personal Lord and Savior. Praise God.- Myra (Honolulu, HI)
I was in the hospital and could not get up because I tried to kill myself by taking an overdose of sleeping pills; LFCM sent a prayer cloth; that day, I jump up and was in my right mind. – Robert Penn (Honolulu, HI)
Prayer Cloth
Praise be to Jesus! Pastors Charles & Peggy Webster prayed over a prayer cloth and sent it to my sister in Chicago, who has a 23-year-old son, Daniel, who is in a nursing home. Daniel was involved in a bad motor vehicle accident with an 18-wheeler more than three years ago which left him in a partially immobile condition, with a trach in his throat, unable to talk, unable to eat, and unable to walk. My sister took the prayer cloth to the nursing home and laid it on Daniel’s head each time she visited him. A few days later, after a therapist was impressed to try something new with Daniel, he could drink water, eat apple sauce, drink apple juice, eat a small slice of chocolate, and even chew gum with no problems! Oh, how happy he was to drink and taste flavors again after not having anything in his mouth for more than three years. He is also moving around a lot more and getting stronger every day. Thank you, Pastor and Sister Webster, for all your prayers and your obedience to the Holy Spirit. God bless you! Amen. – Linda (Atlanta, GA)
Lost Job because of outsourced
I work with a Services Manager out of Denver, CO, named Nancy, who recently lost her job because it had been outsourced to Puerto Rico. I had requested prayer for her from LFCM, and on Wed., 1 June, she will be going into the exact same position, only with new accounts within our same company! She works out of her house and is thrilled to continue with the same company. Praise God! – Donna ( Honolulu, HI)
I can feel my breakthrough coming to pass.
I’m not sure of the topic that Pastor was preaching, but on October 9th, when Pastor started praying, I could feel a stirring in my head. My head began to twitch as he continued to pray. Later that day, I received a call from Pastor, and I told him what happened; he prayed for me. As of this date, I have not had a headache or had to take all the medication I’ve been taking. I was suffering from migraines due to two aneurysms that I’ve had. Now I can feel my breakthrough coming to pass.- Cheryl (Mililani, HI)
Daughter New Dream care
I thank everyone at Living for Christ Ministries who prayed for my daughter Samantha to get a car. On March 4, Samantha purchased her dream car, a VW Bug, The exact color she prayed for, and she is so happy because she could finance it herself without me co-signing. Praise God.- Myra (Waipahu, HI)
I’ve just returned from a business trip to Guam, where we experienced FAVOR overflowing from a smooth schedule to lovely hotel rooms, successful meetings, and meals blessed with great food and fellowship. When I returned to Honolulu, I was seated next to a six-year-old girl who told me that she had been afraid to be seated by herself as her mother was working for the flight as a flight attendant. I thought the Lord had placed me there to take care of her. She told me about her family, friends, school, and life. The blessing I received of pure joy and happiness from talking to that precious child was a thousand times the companionship I provided for her. God is so good! – Donna (Honolulu, HI)
Thank you and your congregation during my trip to Washington, D.C. I had an excellent time. My main concern was I was on a fast during the journey. God allowed me to stay with friends of my brother, who was from Creflo Dollars church and was also fasting.- Myra (Wapio Ill)
Promotion from the Lord
My company rewards the top 1% of performers yearly with trips to particular locations. These are usually reserved for high-level managers and managers of support organizations that don’t often get any recognition. Sales managers receive commissions for their sales achievements, so, as a sales manager, I never would pay too much attention to these special announcements. You can imagine my surprise when my boss called to tell me that I was a winner for 2008 achievements! I have received an all-expense trip for me and a guest to attend a week of meetings and special events in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 9-12! I will be able to meet employees from my organization, as well as employees from all over the world and senior-level managers from the very top of our company. What a great honor! Praise God!  – Donna (Honolulu, HI)
God miraculously delivered and healed.
I was suffering from the spirit of fear and daily was attacked with anxiety and panic attacks. I decided to take an anti-depressant, and within five days of taking it, I felt depressed and worse. I called Pastor Charles for prayer. He prayed for me, and God miraculously delivered and healed me from all fear, anxiety, and depression. Within minutes after prayer, I felt 100% normal and set free from fear.- Laureen (Ewa Beach, HI)
The anointed to release paperwork.
The Lord told me to sow a seed. I’d to myself, Lord, I am not working, and we have four kids, and we are operating off one income. So the Lord spoke again and told me to sow the seed. The Sunday I arrived, I still had not gone to the ATM machine to get the money. Just before service, the Lord spoke again and said sow the seed. So before service started, I went to the ATM to obey the Lord. While we were in the service, the Man of God stated God had anointed him to release paperwork. Well, I was waiting for my tax return the following week. That Friday, it never came, so I called the IRS, and they stated they never received my 2006. But I know I did file and receive a refund. So they stated I needed to file again, which would release my 2008. God spoke and said through the seed that I sowed out of obedience; it caused me to reap a greater harvest. So not only will I get my 2008, but I’ll also get 2006. Being in the service released the paperwork I needed to file my 2006 tax return and it released a financial blessing. – Pastor Charmaine Jackson (Wahiawa, HI)
Relationship restored
My girlfriend Susan had been estranged from her father for several years. After her mother passed away, some hateful words were spoken between family members, and they hadn’t talked to each other. LFCM had prayed for this relationship for reconciliation, and this past Christmas, for her father’s 86th birthday, this family came back together again. The Dad (Brooks) just passed away yesterday, and I was thrilled to hear that Susan has been talking to him for the past five months. They had a chance to discuss his life in-depth, and this relationship was restored. Praise God! – (Honolulu, HI)
Excellent evaluation
I had a mid-year review this week with my boss, and it was such an excellent evaluation! I know that God’s hand was on this because my boss could clearly articulate all the challenges we faced in this Pacific Theater and recognize the work involved in meeting the Company’s expectations.- Donna (Honolulu, HI)
Thank God for His mercy and protection
Last week our Company decided to cut 10% of the SalesForce due to the lack of recovery in the economy. Our team has a total of eight salespeople, and no one from our group was laid off! I thank God for his mercy and protection. – Donna (Honolulu, HI)
Suffers from a heart condition
My nephew Andrew made the golf team this week at his high school. He suffers from a heart condition and has been unable to play contact sports since childhood. This accomplishment is such a big deal for him. I am thankful that God has blessed his life with this new activity. –  Donna (Honolulu, HI)
Everything worked smoothly
I want to thank you for allowing my Mom to fly to Hawaii on a Buddy Pass. She arrived safely on Tuesday First Class from Dallas to San Francisco, Economy Plus from San Francisco to Honolulu. I was so happy that everything worked smoothly for her. – (Waipahu, HI)
Everything worked smoothly
I want to thank you for allowing my Mom to fly to Hawaii on a Buddy Pass. She arrived safely on Tuesday First Class from Dallas to San Francisco, Economy Plus from San Francisco to Honolulu. I was so happy that everything worked smoothly for her. – (Waipahu, HI)
A wonderful experience
My car recently died, and I was in a position where I needed to find a vehicle right away. I had been looking for a car for a few months, so I had an idea of what I wanted but hadn’t figured out how to pay for it. Pastor Charles and Sister Peggy joined me in my prayers and quest during the emergency. It turned out to be a wonderful experience! I could find exactly what I wanted, far above the quality of anything I’ve ever had, with a financial package that I wasn’t aware of! Praise God! I’m so thankful for this beautiful blessing. – Donna (Honolulu, HI)
Family reunion
Susan found out a few years ago when her mother passed away, and her mother had a child prior to her marriage; Susan requested a prayer to meet her sibling. The sisters only live a few miles apart in Janet, Susan’s half-sister recently wrote Susan a letter, and they plan to meet.- (North Carolina)
John Adam was born.
Chris & Allison’s special prayer request was for a baby last year, and Chris would return home from IRAQ. John Adam was born on Jan 28, 2008- (Twenty-nine Palms, CA.)
We put our house on the market one Sunday and sold it the next for almost double our purchase prices in our area, with 5 other houses on the market in an overall depressed real estate market. This will enable us to build our own house, we are thrilled!! Dale and Pam – (Reading, PA.)
God moves mountains
I was renting an apartment in Herndon, VA. One of my co-working has recently moved from the N.VA area and offered their home for rent at the same rate I am paying for my apartment, which is less than 112 of the market rate. I am going from a 2 BRS Apt to a 4 BRS house which is 5 minutes from my office. – Lynn (Herndon, VA)
Sense of peace
Since the beginning of the year, I’ve had difficulty dealing with my boss and two other people on our staff. Within the last week, my Boss was moved to another organization, and the other two staff members are also being impacted. I feel such a sense of peace. – (Honolulu, HI)
New Position
Bill was my past Sales Vice President and was recently let go in a corporate downsizing. Within one month, he found a new position with a smaller company at the VP level for a firm closer to home.- (Maryland)
Paperwork released
In the latter part of 2007, Pastor Webster and First Lady Webster prayed over our paperwork for us to get a house. Several loan officers told us that they could not help us before they prayed over our paperwork. After the prayer, the loan went through (and believe me—it .was a miracle because we had so much stuff on our credit report that in naturally would have prevented us from getting a home loan). We now live in a brand new home with more space than we have ever had. Praise be to Jesus! –  Willie & Linda (Hampton, GA)
Unexpected money
We sowed a seed to Living For Christ Ministries and became partners. We were behind on our mortgage and some other bills due to unforeseen circumstances. Unexpected money came in a week later, allowing us to get caught up on the mortgage and pay the other bills. Praise God! – Willie & Linda (Hampton, GA)
God still works miracles.
God still works miracles! My doctor was able to remove all four of the tumors without taking away all of my womanhood, so I am still able to have my children. I thank God that this WAS NOT a cancerous situation. – Quanda (Osan, ROK)
The Blessing of the LORD
Surely “The Blessing of the LORD maketh rich and addeth no sorrow” I would like to share my praise report to the Lord; in April, I went to the car dealership and traded in my SUV for a 2008 Santa. After leaving the car lot, I placed my prayer cloth and the paperwork in an envelope. The following day I returned to the lotto to pick up the car. I was given a lower interest rate, more for my trade-in, and a shorter monthly pay period. At about the same time, GOD told me to look for a house. After looking around for one and a half months, I found a 3-bedroom home near my church with a Pond in my backyard. The home is half the price of others I have looked at earlier. The Lord has truly blessed us. LFCM has played a major role in my life and the lives of my family members. – Sylvester Williams & family_ Memphis, Tenn)
God has totally healed me!!!! I want to thank all of you who prayed for me and who helped me during my downtime. I love you all immensely!!! – (Turkey)

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